molly gough 1
(c) Kieran Fenney

My good friend and current London College of Fashion student, Kieran Fenney, is currently in his 3rd year of university studying, BA (Hons) Styling and Photography. Aside from studying and currently in the process of writing his dissertation, Kieran also takes part in photography projects and collaborations. A recent collaboration of his work was published for Superhero mag and Polyester magazine, and can be found here.

I caught up with Kieran to ask him about his recent shoot, which he did for his final major project. He collaborated with Molly Gough, a 3rd year Fine Art student, studying at Central Saint Martins. Throughout this project, Kieran covers themes of the relationship between fine art and fashion, using Molly Gough’s work of nude sculptures.

molly gough 4
(c) Kieran Fenney

Can you tell me a little bit about this project?

Ultimately this shoot will make up part of my final major project for year 3 LCF BA Styling and Photography, however I have always been interested in the relationship between fine art and fashion.

By using Molly Gough’s nude sculptures to create an atmospheric set, I planned to photographically record the interaction between model and artwork. Gough’s work discusses the nude in art and by placing models within the space, it allowed me to create this interaction between the two in what aims to be a neutral and poetic gaze. 

What style do you think you follow within your work?

I try to focus on neutral empowerment, focusing on casting interesting people and exploring personality within my images. Consciously aiming to avoid the concept ‘sex sells’. Most, if not all of my work is shot on 35mm film, this is a choice I have made as I feel it forces me to pay careful attention to each shot as the number of images you have to shoot is limited per roll.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everything and anything, literally from things I see in daily life to social media and current events to music and historical references.
molly gough 3
(c) Kieran Fenney
Where do you aim to take your work in the future?
Any editorial work I have shot or styled has been lots of fun, whether it was working to a brief set by a magazine or blog or if it has been something I have had complete freedom with.
I would love to continue with works like this for the many online and print platforms in the magazine industry today.
During your time studying at LCF and independently working with photography, what has been your highlight?
 Gaining opinions and ideas from both peers and tutors is genuinely one of the most important aspects of a creative course, seeing how others would approach a topic in such a different manor is something that has allowed my personal work to grow. I have been so lucky to work and intern with some of the nicest people!
What shoot are you most proud of?
 I wouldn’t really say I have a ‘favourite’ or even a shoot I really love, most of the time I look back at shoots and like to think what I would do differently and sometimes even reshoot just for my own pleasure.
molly gough 2
(c) Kieran Fenney

To look at more photographic work by Kieran Fenney, his online photography website can be accessed here.





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